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Toncoin is TON's native cryptocurrency. It is used for network operations, transactions, games or collectibles built on TON.
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Toncoin (TON)
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Unlocking freedom with Decentralized Finance

Nominator pools

Use Toncoin for contribution to network security.

Buy and trade

Swap currencies on decentralized exchanges.

Cross-chain transfers

Transfer your tokens from Ethereum to TON.

Accept payments effortlessly

You are able to accept Toncoin worldwide, directly and at low fees.

Mint your token

Create your own cryptocurrency in few clicks.


Explore stablecoin usage.

Dive into the future of internet

version 1.0
TON Sites, TON Proxy, TON WWW

Try the decentralized, secure, reliable Internet of the future with TON services.

Ton Internet
version 1.0
TON Storage

Keep your data safe and secure with the decentralized storage of the future.

Ton Storage

Build your product for a global audience

Mini AppsGameFiDeFi
Unlock access to millions of Telegram users

Your app can unlock access to millions of Telegram users with one-click app launch, direct advertising, along with viral and retention mechanics based in the messenger. Millions of users have been onboarded to TON via @wallet.

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Empower games with an ultra-fast blockchain and Telegram's massive audience

TON and TON tokens allow you to create full-fledged, captivating decentralized games that can reach millions of Telegram users.

Build your game
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Get early access to decentralized finance with lightning fast transactions while scaling up with TON's massive audience

The TON DeFi market is experiencing significant growth. While it's still maturing, there's great opportunity for new products to gain a massive audience quickly.

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Developers center
Quick start and deep dive into development on TON.
Accelerate your growth
Support for commercial projects on all the stages.
TON Grants & Bounties
Support for core ecosystem projects.

Be part of TON movement

Join TON Community
Ask questions, share ideas and participate in breakfasts, hubs, local events with people who love TON.
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Empower TON Community

Join TON Society to meet new people, participate in community activities and earn rewards.

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